Travis M. Holley is a graduate of ULM and Loyola School of Law in New Orleans. Prior to receiving his law degree he was a member of the United States Navy (1967-1971) and served onboard the USS John F Kennedy for Helicopter Combat Squadron 2, and was a member of the United States Navy Reserves (1971-1973) and the Louisiana National Guard (1978-1979).

He is currently a member of the Fourth Judicial Bar Association, the Louisiana State Bar Association (licensed since 1978), the Fifth District Federal Bar Association, and the Western District of The United States Federal Court Association.

Travis has extensive experience in litigation as lead counsel including investigations, negotiations, preparation and presentation of complex as well as simple jury civil trials.  He also has experience in Multi-District, Class Action litigation, that includes experience in Federal Courts in Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana.

He has been an Insurance Claims Adjuster for Commercial Union in New Orleans involving all aspects of claims, investigations and resolutions and was an automobile damage appraiser and graduate of Vale Technical Institute.  

As a Corporate Attorney for Epco Carbon Dioxide Corporation, Travis was involved in all aspects of management including working with commercial lenders and issuers of bonds. He has negotiated complex sales contracts with companies such as Tyson Foods, Kraft Foods, and Jenny-O-Turkey and managed claims litigation from trucking accidents to worker’s compensation and ERISA claims. 

Travis is a 33º Master Mason and is a past Grand Commander of Knights Templar for the State of Louisiana.

Travis is currently retired from the practice of law and is enjoying retirement with his lovely wife Sara at their home in Monroe, Louisiana but he is actively involved in civic functions.

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